Construction and Material Supply Tenders - Advertising Schedule

Municipal Projects 2017

RM of St. Andrews Lift Station Odour Control
Town of Melita Lagoon
Town of Stonewall Lagoon
Nelson House Wastewater Lagoon
Seymourville Wastewater Lagoon
Emerson-Franklin Booster Station
RM of Rosedale Booster Station
South West Regional Water Co-op Raw Water Booster Station
RM of Dauphin Waterline Extension Phase 2
Glenella-Lansdowne Rural Waterline
LGD of Pinawa – Awanipark Water Pipeline
RM of Tache - Landmark Reservoir/Pumphouse
Prairie View Municipal Well & Network
RM of Lorne Somerset Water Treatment Plant Upgrades

Parks Projects 2017

Spruce Woods Water Treatment Plant Upgrades